Airplate Secondary

Airplate Secondary


Proper and efficient combustion is critical to the performance of a natural draft heater. The Secondary Airplate was developed specifically for atmospheric heaters, and can improve operation efficiency by controlling excess airflow.

Combined with fine-tuning pressure settings on the fuel train, the addition of the Secondary Airplate has had a substantial effect on combustion efficiency of the heater. Our technicians will often see increases in efficiency of over 30%. Efficiency gains can have a positive impact on the bottom line with reduced use of fuel gas as well as increased fire tube longevity. Moreover, flame impingement will be reduced or eliminated.

Flexible design

Airplate secondary


The Airplate boasts an innovative change to traditional secondary airplates: a crescent-shutter feature, which enables the user to adjust the amount of airflow to the fire tube:

  • Easy on-site airflow adjustments.
  • Extremely effective coupled with stack flue gas analysis.
Sizes available for all applications
Sizes available for all applications



Adjustable airflow.
Precise pilot positioning.

Fine-tune pressure settings:

  • optimize fuel gas consumption.
  • seasonal alterations possible.

Strict manufacturing processes provide consistency and dependability.

Analysis of various airflow rates possible.

Combustion Optimization Allows:

  • Reduced consumption of fuel gas.
  • Cleaner burn.
  • Reduced emissions.
  • Higher heat transfer.

Increase in combustion efficiency by 30% or more.
Reduction or elimination of flame impingement.
Increased fire tube life.