MWD Services for Horizontal and Directional Drilling





Our company offers unmatched full range of MWD Services (Measurement-While-Drilling) for horizontal and directional drilling to our Clients.

We focus on creating long-term relationships by leveraging our state-of the-art technology (DRILL TEK INTERNATIONAL), expertise and committed personnel to continually outperform on each and every well.

Our MWD software is Archer™, a full featured decoding, logging and programming suite. It incorporates wellsite roll tests, tool tracking and diagnostic aids in a fully customizable user interface designed for downhole intelligence.

Our inventory of advanced drilling tools includes the newest generation of Mud Motors and MWD tools. Our equipment offers greater reliability though adaptation for the drilling conditions in our particular area.

During directional drilling operations, data is gathered downhole and transmitted to surface. MWD sensors collect data used to determine basic trajectory parameters such as inclination, direction, and tool-face orientation. These measurements confirm the location of the wellbore and provide the data required to determine what is needed to steer the well to its intended location. Additional downhole sensors collect data regarding drilling conditions (shock and vibration monitoring) and other wellbore data (gamma ray, resistivity, pressure).