Controller burner system PF3100

Controller burner system PF3100


The PF3100 is a versatile intuitive solution that presents a vastly superior and economic option to traditional PLC based burner management. Support a wide array of forced and natural draft applications including:

  • Direct Fired / Convection process heaters.
  • Cabin Heaters.
  • Heat Medium Heaters.
  • Process Heaters.
  • Thermal Oxidizers.
  • Amine & Glycol Reboilers.
  • Emulsion treaters.
  • Gas Production Units.
  • Combustors and Flares.
  • Condensate Stabilizers.

    Forced Draft and Fuel/Air Ratio Controller

    Multi-Burner & Multi-Pilot support

    PF3100 can be specified to work with both natural draft and forced draft applications.  Integrated fuel/air ratio controller, combined with optical flame detection. 

    Controller burner system PF3100


    PF3100 supports up to 16 appliances with up to four burners/pilots each, with one intuitive interface.

    Controller burner system PF3100


    Scalable Modular Design support

    Functional Safety SIL 2 Capable

    PF3100 makes is easy to expand, add, and scale your retrofit or build to order project/installation.PF3100 has been tested and determined that this platform is SIL 2 capable.  Other Safety compliance (CSA, NFPA, UL, ETL Intertek, Exida & ANSI)

    Dedicated Burner Management Network

    PFRN communications allow for a secure and quick connection to all control cards on the network.  Power distribution (POE) provides loop power to transmitters and our remote modules.  The network allows users to connect multiple appliances for local display at a remotely mounted user interface.