Flare Stack Igniter (FSI)

Flare Stack Igniter (FSI)


Total Length :
70” (178 cm)
Total Weight :
25 lbs (11 kg)
Additional Hardware :
Junction Box Cord Grips, Spare Screws, SS Zip Ties, Mounting Hardware
Shroud :
60”x 2.5”(152 x 6.4 cm) SS
Orifice :
#60 Natural Gas
Nozzle :
316 SS (Inconel Optional)
Thermocouple :
1/4” (0.64 cm) Inconel Type K
Ignition Rod :
3/16” (0.48 cm) Kanthal
Wire Insulator :
600° F (315° C) FireFlex

Product overview:

Designed to eliminate cumbersome installation, poor flame detection, and burned-up wires and nozzles, the FSI efficiently and repeatedly ignites flares in the most demanding and extreme flare stack environments.

The in-line assembly makes it fast and easy to replace parts and renders it unnecessary to remove the pilot from the flare. When used with the Profire 2100, the FSI boasts an industry-leading, dual-sense technology composed of an in-line flame rectifier and an Inconel thermocouple flame detector. Wires are safely tucked away 5 feet from the tip of the FSI, and its heavy wall nozzle is built to take a beating.


Key features:

  • Easy installation: no wires, no bushings, no rod adjustments.
  • Optimized long-life burner assembly.
  • Naturally aspirated NG mixer with #60 orifice to reduce freeze-up.
  • Core assembly (inside the cylinder) protected from extreme heat.
  • Integrated wind diffuser to protect pilot flame in all weather conditions.
  • Backup flame ionization (requires PF 2100F).
  • Unique FireFlex wire insulator (optional) to resist heat and flame damage.


Flare Stack Igniter (FSI)